The Allentown Voice aims to tackle issues that affect the people of the city, particularly those who have seen a large investment in their city with tax-subsidized revitalization projects that haven’t made much of an impact on their daily lives. The project will be integrated into the Muhlenberg curriculum this January with a course serving as the initial push. In this course, students will work collaboratively with community partners to examine the Allentown affordable housing crisis. Students will work as reporters, videographers, and data analysts to determine the structural barriers to housing access and synthesize these perspectives into a news product that addresses the issues using a community-centered approach.

Spring 2022 team:

(clockwise from top left): Sarah Wedeking ‘24, Dana Bonner ‘22, Jordan Fisch ‘22, Tom Hiller ‘23, Alex Caban-Echevarria ’23, Cydney Wilson ‘23, Johnny Veglia ‘24, Carly Giacoio ‘22, Kat Dickey '22, Shira Holtz ‘24, Vicki Zandier ‘23