Working in Allentown: Santo Napoli

owner, Assembly88 “The first store I opened up back in 1999 was the Archive, which was similar to Assembly88 but it was mostly shoes. For whatever reason, there seems to be less people looking to work in person nowadays, even for part time. It’s hard to find part time employees. I used to have college […]

Working in Allentown: Linda Merkel

“When properties have the Waterfront as the background, it’s a gem…In time, this is going to be an absolutely beautiful area.”

Working in Allentown: Geovany Elias

“We build a lot of personal relationships. I have some barbers that have built personal relationships with realtors, radio hosts, police officers.”

Working in Allentown: Nicos Elias

“I have relationships through all these years growing up here, and I still get amazed that people from 20, 30 years ago remember me.”

Emely Minaya

Demely Deli Grocery “Allentown offers a good medium between city and a comfortable quiet lifestyle. New York is very fast paced, which is also the reason why my parents wanted to move out here. I remember getting here and the streets were so quiet if you would drive around late at like, 9 pm. On […]

Emily Vaughan

CEO, Vaughan Lawn “I grew up in Allentown. My eldest brother started our company several years ago when he started pulling a lawn mower behind our family’s bike around our neighborhood. Since then, we have been operating from the garage of our home. With the start of the business in 2010, Vaughan Lawn has not […]

Christian Filipos

owner, Youell’s Oyster House “I grew up in the Lehigh Valley and got a college degree in graphic arts but I got into the restaurant business and I’ve been doing that for like 35 years now. We had a fire in 2013 and the restaurant burned to the ground. At that point, I was faced […]

LeeAnn Bower

owner, A Little Bit of Local “I have always wanted to one day own my own store where I would be able to sell my handcrafted items. Growing up, my parents owned a small antique shop at our house and I would frequently help out on the weekends. It really brought our family together and […]