local investor and owner of The Comb Over Barbershop

“I opened The Comb Over Barbershop back in November of 2020. That is when I started putting together the space with an official opening date of March 22 of 2021. We’re coming up on the one year anniversary really soon, we’re very excited.

I noticed there’s a lot of high-end apartments coming here, and a lot of colleges within 5-10 minute driving distance, but not a lot of higher-end places where men can go and get themselves taken care of. There’s a lot of guys out there that like to pamper themselves, there’s been a shift in the trend, where it’s not just women taking care of themselves. Now it’s men going in and getting full facial treatments. And I’ve gone to nail salons and seen men getting their nails done. I figured I’d follow along with the trend, and provide a more upscale, clean, nice location for men to come and get their haircuts on a regular basis, feel clean and feel good when they leave. Something a little different, that doesn’t really exist here in the area, but aligns with the development and the vision that the city of Allentown is trying to move forward to.

We build a lot of personal relationships. I have some barbers that have built personal relationships with realtors, radio hosts, police officers. We try to build a more personal relationship. It’s more of a ‘how was your day’ kind of thing, a place for men to come in and just unwind, sit down, relax. We’re a full service shop. It’s more than just a haircut, you come in, and you’re gonna get a full service.”

Interview by Johnny Veglia ’24

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