owner, RichMar florist

“Allentown is my second home. We’ve always been here. My family has always been in the Lehigh Valley. It’s hard work that fulfills me and knowing that I want to keep going. I want to give our daughter every opportunity, plus what I had growing up. If she decides to join the company, I want to set her up better for success. That’s how I get through every day. I think it keeps a dream alive. To work beside my dad every day is extremely rewarding because this is what he has sacrificed for, this is what he missed games for and this is what he worked seven days for. So to be able to fight alongside him and keep this thing going and keep building on it is awesome. I think it keeps a dream alive.

So you know, when you work in a family business you grow up in, you either make one or two decisions: you either decide that you’re going to go into it or you decide that you don’t want to. But I wasn’t going to let this die with my dad. I was going to take the reins and do something, and you know I’ve just developed such a passion for success and it’s a thing that I want to keep going now.”

Interview by Sarah Wedeking ’24

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