executive director of America on Wheels Museum

“Museums are for lifelong learners. That was one of my reasons they asked me to come on board…we had to make sure that we had an educational piece within the museum. We successfully raised the money to add a learning center so kids of all ages can see how cars are stored. It’s awesome.

We’re here for children and adults. We do year round education, special events and entertainment and we rotate our exhibits every six months so it’s always something new. We host a lot of special events, weddings and birthday parties. Now we have the new kids garage. We’re doing a lot of 12 and under birthday parties. They can go and change the tires on a fabricated car, check the oil and all that.

I’ve been here [at the museum] since 2008. When we were under construction I was here for the entire building of the museum. That’s actually 17 years, because it was a year before working with construction teams.

I’m actually a Jersey girl. My husband is in the medical field, which brought us to Pennsylvania…I’m also a teacher. So with that, the tourism and the teaching go with the museum. And that’s how I started upon their request.

I have been blessed with five children…Sadly, my daughter recently passed away after having a baby. My husband and I are caring for the little baby now. That’s who’s with me here…All my kids come, they help me clean up, they serve. In fact, my Laura was actually one of my chefs for a lot of my catering events here. So, a lot of wonderful memories.

If you stop in, you’ll meet my engineer-to-be, the little one.

Our new neighbor across the street is called the RB Collection. And they actually include tours for us two days a week. You can go over to their facility across the street and see classic cars being restored. They’re our first partner and when they moved in, I actually had a cake made for them in the shape of a wheel…I said, ‘Welcome to the Waterfront.’ When properties have the Waterfront as the background, it’s a gem…In time, this is going to be an absolutely beautiful area.”

Interview by Alex Caban-Echevarria ’23

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