Tiny homes as a solution to homelessness

By Caiti Kinnear and Kenny Konigsberg Eviction and homelessness have become major problems in Pennsylvania, and especially in Allentown–over 400,000 Pennsylvania households are currently at risk of eviction. They have left people living on the streets, in their cars, with little to no access to shelter, food, water, showers, haircuts and laundry. After many attempts […]

The hidden homeless

How unstable housing leads to sex exploitation By Sarah Wedeking Trigger warning: Mentions of trauma and sex trafficking When most people think of sex trafficking, they probably think of the white van in the dark of night. What they don’t think about are the victims who are vulnerable on the streets. The ones who have […]

The challenge of seeking shelter in Allentown

The challenge of seeking shelter in Allentown Getting shelter starts with 211 By Tom Hiller Lehigh County is ranked first in Pennsylvania counties requesting housing & shelter services under PA 211. The city of Allentown is a major contributor to this ranking, data collected has shown an estimated 54.7 percent of renters in Allentown pay […]

Finding hope for LGBTQIA+ youth

While roughly 7% of youth in the U.S. identify as LGBTQ+ they comprise 40% of unhoused youth. Why LGBTQ+ experience higher rates of homelssness often comes down to acceptance at home.