Could a riverwalk change how Allentown views the Lehigh?​

Urban parks are especially important in a dense, formally industry based city like Allentown, that once lacked easy access to the natural environment, as the remnants of the industrial era still linger in the city, especially by the river.

It never rains at Musikfest?

We are seeing increase flooding in the Lehigh Valley, and warehouse development might have something to do with it. By CL

Allentown has a lead problem

Allentown needs to identify all their lead pipes so that they can be replaced. How will this impact you? By Maddie Davidson

Something in the Water

PFAS, also known as forever chemicals, have been found in our bodies, in our water, in our soil, in places across the country… including here in Allentown. By Alena Ruckh

The Gold Rush

Allentown received millions in pandemic relief, but can cash solve our housing crisis? By Lillian Bernstein

Renters rights

““The goal in Allentown is to educate renters about their rights, and to continue to advocate for better rental conditions as well as push for action to be taken against absentee landlords and slumlords who are exploiting renters.”

Preserving Allentown’s past

The complicated journey to get funding for restoration of the historic Americus Hotel property located in the heart of the city’s Neighborhood Improvement Zone.