CEO, Vaughan Lawn

“I grew up in Allentown. My eldest brother started our company several years ago when he started pulling a lawn mower behind our family’s bike around our neighborhood. Since then, we have been operating from the garage of our home. With the start of the business in 2010, Vaughan Lawn has not only developed as a business but has become a brand as well. I am now a student at Muhlenberg College, so this town has always been a source of pride and joy for me. It is a special place to me.

Here at Vaughan Lawn we have grown into a company that is capable of doing much more than just mowing lawns. We started a hashtag #Howsitmowing a play on the words ‘How’s it going,’ and created a community by asking our customers to post pictures of them wearing our merchandise on social media using the #Howsitmowing to show support for our business.

I have been given so many opportunities by Vaughan Lawn. Several positive things have been done for the city by forming partnerships with other Allentown businesses and promoting their products. There was also the added bonus of spending quality time with our siblings as a result of these experiences.

It has been such a pleasure to learn so much from my brothers and to own a company that has been built from the ground up by them. The lessons they taught me have led to our success, so I am confident that I learned well from them.”

Interview by Jenna Stockfeder ’24​

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